The First Zero Trust Remote Data Access and Sharing Platform for Hybrid-IT Infrastructures

FileFlex Enterprise is an overlay service that unifies remote access, sharing and governance of unstructured data storage across multiple environments using a Zero Trust Architecture.


The Industry’s #1 Zero Trust Data Access Platform

“Zero Trust has found its way into the mainstream. The Zero Trust approach will now have an impact on the way the US secures its federal government. Forrester expects that adoption to expand globally and into corporate infrastructures.”

-— Forrester Blogs,
‘Biden Executive Order Bets Big On Zero Trust For The
Future Of US Cybersecurity’, May 2021

The Power of Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) with no VPN

The industry’s first secure zero trust data access (ZTDA) and sharing platform for today’s massive remote workforce

The FileFlex Enterprise ZTDA platform provides secure remote data access and sharing across your entire Hybrid-IT infrastructure to protect your most valuable asset, your corporate data

Zero Trust Data Access Micro-Segmentation

The FileFlex Enterprise patented Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) architecture uses innovative, granular file and folder level micro-segmentation to greatly reduce an attacker’s ability to move laterally within your organization

Zero Trust Data Access Authentication and Authorization

FileFlex Enterprise authenticates and authorizes every transaction needing remote access to your data without allowing access to your network infrastructure, all without a VPN

“Zero trust is seen by many security leaders as a silver bullet, but it does not cover all aspects of threats and security, such as phishing and sensitive data protection.

Gartner, “What are Practical Projects for Implementing Zero Trust?, John Watts, Neil MacDonald, March 17, 2021

Extending Zero Trust Architecture to Files and Folders

Remote Access & Share Across Any Multi-Domain Hybrid-IT Infrastructure

Remote Access and Share Hybrid-IT On-Premises Storage

Remote access and share to on-premises storage on servers, server-attached, network-attached, FTP and PC storage


Remote Access and Share Hybrid-IT Cloud-Hosted Storage

Remote access and share to your cloud-hosted/multi-cloud IaaS infrastructure using the new security benchmark Zero Trust Data Access


Remote Access and Share SharePoint

Remote access and share data with external users across your self-hosted or cloud-hosted implementation of SharePoint with real time auditing


Global Technology Partners

Dashboard Management Panel & Activity Log Gives IT Full Control

Integrates with Your Existing Security Tools

Provides IT Admin Control

Activity Logging and Audit

Brings Zero Trust Data Access and Sharing to Your Self-Hosted SharePoint Implementation

Share Self-Hosted Implementations of SharePoint With External Users

Brings remote access and sharing to external users to self-hosted implementations of SharePoint

Single-Pane-of-Glass Integration of SharePoint to Your Hybrid-IT Infrastructure

Integrates both self-hosted and Microsoft hosted implementations of SharePoint in a ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ to the rest of your entire corporate infrastructure


A Software-Only Solution That is Secure, Easy to Deploy and Increases Remote Worker Productivity

Software-only Solution

Easy to Deploy

Cost Efficient